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About H3

Fit for Duty. Fit for Family. Fit for Life!


Healing Heroes Health H3™ is dedicated to providing superior, specialized care and wellness programs to our first responders, military service personnel, veterans and their families. 

The first responders and military personnel operate from a mission mindset that makes their experiences unique. Their work inherently exposes them to stressors that are similarly unique. The sacrifices they make in the name of the service they provide to society and to our country demands a specialized approach.  H3 program respects and meets these unique needs in a unique way. 

Research tells us that the prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among these personnel is much higher than the general population. Self-medication with drugs and alcohol is a common maladaptive coping mechanism for those with symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, as well as suicidal ideation.

This speaks to the high rate of dual-diagnoses seen clinically among first responders, military and veterans. 

H3 is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of treating such complex, co-occurring disorders. 

At H3, the mission is to build the center of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment and wellness through the delivery of our innovative Brain-Body Integrated treatment model (Polyvagal-by-design), combining non-pharmacological alternatives with Western Medicines in an evidence-based and regulatory compliant manner. 

The program brings together a comprehensive team of top clinicians, physicians, integrative experts, researchers and scientists, and uses innovative therapies, data and technologies, along with a care team consisting of culturally competent clinicians who are relatable to the experiences of first responders, military, veterans and their families.  

Why Us


Polyvagal-by-Design Innovative Treatment Model

 Polyvagal-by-Design™ is a revolutionary diagnostic and treatment model that looks at the brain-body as a whole, and focuses on the bi-directional nature of the autonomic nervous system through an understanding of how physiological states influence how we emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally function. Specializing in trauma, stress and co-occurring, behavioral disorders.

Healing Heroes Health H3. Fit for Duty assessment and returning to work with higher resilience

Fit for Duty.

At H3, we have a deep understanding that the sacrifices each first responder and military member makes in the name of service they provide oftentimes demands a specialized, culturally-competent approach to treating trauma and other behavioral disorders. Our Polyvagal-by Design™ approach addresses the impact that trauma has had on each first responder in a non-invasive, non- pharmacological individualized setting, as appropriate. With an end goal of returning to a physically, mentally, and emotionally state needed to perform the tasks of their work assignment, our first responders and military clients become fit-for-duty with higher endurance and greater resiliency.


Fit for Family

Our Polyvagal-by-Design™ treatment program can be considered Family-by-Design treatment. From day one, the entire family is immersed in the treatment process. By using immersive co-regulation and psychodrama modalities, our family program is designed to guide families into understanding the nature of trauma, PTSD, and addiction, develop new ways to manage stress and anxiety, and to begin restoring the family system back to a healthy state.


Fit for Life

When a first responder or military client enters our program, discharge planning begins  immediately. Fitness-for-duty evaluations (FFDE) and planning are implemented with a  dedicated case manager to create higher resiliency within each clients scope of professional work. With a multitude of aftercare and continuing care services, we send Polyvagal-by-Design™ with you to continue the journey of a life fit-for-duty.

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