Healing Heroes Health H3 Program

By First Responders, For First Responders

Healing Heroes Health is a private trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse disorder program located in Jupiter, Florida. Offering a comprehensive Polyvagal-by-Designtreatment approach, our program was developed by first responders, for first responders. Oftentimes, the sacrifices that these brave men and women make in the name of service they provide can demand a specialized, culturally-competent approach to treating these complex disorders. With a growing need of specialized treatment for these individuals, Healing Heroes Health H3 is the first exclusive program look at the brain-body as a whole while addressing trauma in a non-invasive, non-pharmacological setting.


Polyvagal-by-Designtreatment stands under the overarching Polyvagal Theory framework developed by Dr. Stephen Porges. Focusing on trauma and stress for first responders as the root cause of behavioral health disorders, this optimized approach helps clients improve their physical, mental, and emotional state in order to heal and return to optimal functioning. Whereas traditional treatment programs focus on pharmacology or talk-therapy, our Polyvagal-by-Designapproach looks at the brain-body as a whole, focusing on the bi-directional nature of the autonomic nervous system. While many programs believe that treating the brain can ultimately heal the body, the Polyvagal Theory stands on the belief that trauma, PTSD, addiction, and co-occurring disorders can be healed through influences that move from the body to the brain.


Our mission is to provide a center of excellence for the delivery of high-quality, cutting-edge treatment to our first responders, with a focus on non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment alternatives to pharmacological interventions, facilitating a more effective and more expedited return of our clients to their premorbid level of functioning and thus to a full duty operational work without a pharmacology dependency.

We have designed our program to be a comprehensive, integrated treatment using multiple innovative technologies and clinical best practices all falling under the over-arching umbrella of polyvagal theory; a Polyvagal-by-Design™ treatment model.

Our commitment stands on our high standard to return each client back to full-duty work in optimal health. By not just treating addiction and co-occurring disorders, but getting to the root-cause of trauma and PTSD, each first responder that leaves our program begins the process of living sober, joyous, and productive lives.

At H3, We Promise To: 

  • Provide completely confidential treatment for you and your loved ones.
  • Treat each first responder and their families with dignity, respect.
  • Operate in high ethical standards
  • Utilize research-driven practices and evidenced-based approaches.
  • Create a space-haven to nurture healing and provide the tools you need to become fit-for-duty, fit-for-family, and ultimately fit-for-life.

At Healing Heroes Health, our belief system reflects the systems that are rooted within the duties of a first responder. Backed by integrity, advocacy, and service, our center of excellence is dedicated to the individual needs of each first responder in a setting through proven modalities.


First and foremost, on behalf of Healing Heroes Health (H3), thank you for your service and sacrifice. Regardless of your role as a first responder (law enforcement, fire rescue, EMS or communications/dispatch), we are all grateful to have you keeping our families safe.

At some point you made a conscious decision to stand up and take a sworn oath to protect and serve our communities. An oath, that at times has had you go above and beyond, spending countless hours away from family and friends, while putting your life on the line to protect others, if needed.

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Our Facility

Tucked into the serene setting of Jupiter, FL, our state-of-the-art campus accommodates first responders in a safe and serene setting to facilitate and promote optimal healing. Housed with other first responders, our housing and clinical campus provides 24-hour supervision, fresh-cooked meals, and stimulates the social engagement system by fostering new relationships and developing camaraderie to reverse the symptoms of trauma and return to full-functioning.

Testimonial from a Firefighter from New Jersey

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